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Join our Free Live Webinar and see for yourself how our complete world-class, business management solution delivers the needed tools to run all segments of your Cannabis business. 

Enable your cannabusiness to run efficiently with automated inventory tracking, seed-to-sale reporting, financial accounting, grow management, quality control, and many other essential tools to help you succeed. 

Using fully GAAP-compliant and audit-ready record keeping, Viridian’s solutions are second to none in terms of regulatory compliance and efficient overall cannabusiness management.

Don’t waste more time, money, or productivity!  Learn how to grow your business with our industry-leading, cutting-edge, cannabis software solution.

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Centralized business management software solutions for the cannabis industry.

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Cultivators and Growers need capabilities beyond the spreadsheet.

Watch this overview of Viridian Sciences Cultivators application.

Cultivators Overview


Processors need quality control to keep their products top notch every time.

Watch this overview of Viridian Sciences Processors application.

Distributors Overview

Distributors need to be able to reliably track all products and inventory from beginning to end.

Watch this overview of Viridian Sciences Distributors application.


Dispensaries need a robust CRM and simple interface to have an effective Point-Of-Sale system.

Watch this overview of Viridian Sciences Dispensaries application.

Watch a Role Specific Video Overview

See how Viridian Sciences applies to your business' role within the cannabis industry. Select what your company does and watch a quick overview of the software.

Learn More About The Software

Each sector of the cannabis industry has unique challenges and Viridian Sciences’ complete software platform has been built to simplify them.  

To provide a view into the Viridian Sciences solution that most directly matches your business focus, we have scheduled four different webinars covering each of the major cannabusiness segments Cultivators, Processors, Distributors, and Dispensaries.


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